About Us


Meet the HadwyJane Family: Cory, Amanda, Holly (Jane), and Austin (Hadwy).
From subdivision to homestead, once our babies were born, we knew that the tiny lot in our beautiful neighborhood wasn’t going to meet the needs of our growing family. So, in 2020 when the world locked down, the Arnold’s BROKE OUT! Holly and Austin were 1 and 2 years old and we stumbled upon an 86 acre gem in the tiny and humble town of Bruceton in west Tennessee.
We packed everything up and moved here, not knowing a soul or a thing about homesteading. First, came the chickens. (That should answer a lifetime old riddle for ya!) What began as 15 quickly multiplied into 40 birds. We didn’t stop there, though! Next, got four piglets to raise for pork. When time for processing, they asked if we wanted the fat/lard. We didn’t want to waste anything we had put so much time, finances, and effort into raising so we started researching THIS is where it gets good, y’all!!!
Cory and I began researching uses for lard and found that you could make soap, emergency candles and, of course, cook with it. We requested to keep it at processing and kept researching all about the above items. HadwyJane’s very first product was lard soap. Later, as we were purchasing a whole side of beef from local farmer, we were again asked if we wanted to keep the fat/tallow - let the researching begin again!! Tallow has amazing characteristics and uses for soaps and skin care! We had no idea, but, HOW COOL! This natural animal byproduct makes a harder and longer lasting bar of soap and an amazingly thick and moisturizing body butter.
Our first adventures in raising our own hens for eggs, then pork and chickens for meat, we started really looking at labels on EVERYTHING - our food, body products, cleaning supplies. There are so many ingredients listed on these things that we could not pronounce or even understand what they were even after googling. Our goal became to gradually switch as much as we can to natural or homemade.
We have purchased locally grown strawberries and canned strawberry jam (which was amazing if I do say so myself!) and are working to increase our garden size each year with hopes to grow, can, and preserve all our own vegetables. We have dreams of our own orchard and vineyard.
Our small business was built from our family’s desire to do better, live cleaner, and be more aware of what we put on and in our bodies. Our heart behind these products is to provide you with the same love and care we share inside of our four walls. We hope you will come along on this journey with us!!