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HadwyJane Aromas

Paw Print Freshie

Paw Print Freshie

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Stay one step ahead with Paw Print Freshie! This car freshener eliminates odors in as little as 3-4 weeks, giving you more time for adventure and the open road. Refresh your journeys - and your vehicle - with Paw Print Freshie!

Add note to your order letting us know what scent you would like.  7-10 day turnaround time.

Available scents:
☑️Cotton Candy
☑️Teakwood Mahogany
☑️ Bayside Marina
☑️Tropical Punch
☑️Clean Cotton
☑️Fancy Pants
☑️Stress Relief
☑️Bourbon Kentucky
☑️Hibiscus paradise
☑️Western Pine
☑️Citrus and Sage
☑️Blueberry Cheesecake
☑️Lemonade Watermelon
☑️Pink Grapefruit
☑️All About Me (Narcissit dup)
☑️Rose Petals
☑️Tropic Wind
☑️Western Lace
☑️Berry Bliss
☑️Cappuccino Brûlée
☑️ Cinnamon Buns
☑️Pumpkin Spice
☑️Autumn spice
☑️Indian Sandalwood
☑️Vineyard (dup)
☑️Fruit slices
☑️Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher
☑️Flip flops
☑️Coconut Lemongrass
☑️Manilla Berry
☑️White Tea
☑️Peppermint Bark
☑️Eucalyptus Mint and Rain
☑️Fresh April Downy
☑️Snuggle (dup)
☑️Sandalwood Vanilla
☑️Noel Vanilla bean
☑️Christmas Memories
☑️Fresh Linen
☑️Apple Cinnamon
☑️Birthday Cake
☑️Red Hot Cinnamon
☑️Into the Night (dup)
☑️Midsummers Night (dup)
☑️Sandalwood and Ginger Apple
☑️French Market
☑️Sweet Snow
☑️Vanilla Bean
☑️Amber Romance (dup)
☑️Love spell (dup)
☑️Cool water (dup)
☑️Pink (dup)
☑️Fierce (dup)
☑️Pink Chiffon (dup)
☑️Walk in the Woods
☑️Driftwood and Sea salt
☑️1000 Wishes (dup)
☑️Easter flowers
☑️Lemon drops
☑️Sparkling Clean
☑️Cypress and cedarwood
☑️Fruit loops
☑️Chocolate chip cookies
☑️Orange zest and ginger
☑️Citrus Mimosa
☑️Black Sea
☑️Man Cave
☑️Fresh Peaches
☑️Butt Naked
☑️Winter Hideaway
☑️Alpine Frost
☑️Sage and Mint
☑️Bird of Paradise
☑️Apple Blossom
☑️Peppermint and Rosemary
☑️Donuts-cinnamon and sugar
☑️Ice cream parlor
☑️Bow ties and bourbon (dup)
☑️Black Ice (dup)

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